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Welcome to Clarence Gayles

I was born and raised in the 3rd District of Detroit.

I attended school from Kindergarten through high school in the District and I am now raising my family here. I believe it is my time to give back to my community and I am eager to serve the people of Detroit in the State House. I believe in a revitalized Detroit and a better Michigan future and I believe this change starts with reinvesting in public education and standing up for Michigan’s working families.

As a candidate for State Representative, I have been working hard meeting with leaders, voters, and community groups in District 3 and access to a quality education, infrastructure improvements, and the future of Michigan’s economy continue to be of utmost concern to our families. As the father of two young daughters, I share these concerns and understand the importance of growing Michigan's economy by fighting for the middle class.

When 60% of Detroit children are living in poverty, it is obvious our policy priorities are out of step with the real issues affecting our families. We need to give our working families a hand up, not a hand out, and create educational and economic opportunities. We must reinvest in public education and promote a skilled workforce through vocational and technical training programs to attract and keep businesses. 

We need to elect progressive leaders who have middle class priorities at heart and can work across the aisle to create real solutions.  I am asking for your support so we can build a better future for Michigan families!  I want to be our voice for Detroit, your choice for change!


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